Issue One: Spring 2017

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Night is a cauldron tipped

snowflakes knit

sidewalk blankets

We wear snow

blink it off eyelashes

taste it on tongues

dried nostrils

cold and wet

City at night

pure innocence


drunkenness, crime

hidden in the skirt folds

above the city’s bare feet

A horse unshod

city night runs wild

eludes police lassos

deaf to sirens blaring

horns honking, screams of

the besieged, the joy riders

seekers calling for

the lost and missing

Snow covers the urban scene

raises hope for a white Christmas

traps the city’s heat

in an ermine parka

a brace against

greater cold to come

Street lights sew a sparkled bodice

bling of a seasonal

bunting blanket

wrapping future life

About the Author

Sharon Goodier is a poet from Toronto, Canada. She has had poems published in Carte Blanche (Montreal), Dove Tales Nature Anthology (U.S.2015) and Adana, an anthology of women’s spirituality (U.S. 2015). She was long-listed for the Mary K. Ballard award (U.S.) in 2014. In 2015, she self-published a book of social justice poetry, A Stone in My Shoe. New Legends Anthology published her short story “The Year of the Donkey” in 2016. Also in 2016, her poetry appeared in Koru and Quilliad. In 2017, she is or will appear in Porcupine (U.S,) Tin Lunchbox (U.S.) and the Porcupine anthology. Her poem can be found on the current website for Poets Reading the News. She is a founding member of the renewed Art Bar Reading Series. She hosts reading and reads widely around Toronto.

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