Issue Three: Summer 2018

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Frog Nocturne Brendon Connors

About the Artist

Growing up in predominantly rural Southern New Jersey, Brendon Connors witnessed his bucolic childhood environment transform into one of intense suburban sprawl. He did not feel these changes were for the better. Connors attended Rutgers University to study veterinary medicine, and during that time he traded dissecting animals for drawing them. “I started painting the cows when I noticed they were gone.” In 1981 Connors moved to NYC. Amidst the side jobs, he drew rats, mice, pigeons, cockroaches and a lot of mounted and live specimens from the Museum of Natural History and Bronx Zoo.  A painting of a snake was curated by the Museum of Modern Art for a show called “Menagerie.” Connors started coming to the Pioneer Valley in 1986. He immediately fell in love with the area and began showing his work at R Michelson Gallery in the late 80’s. The cows were back. He became known as a painter of animals, cattle in particular. He would frequent the Allis, Antes and Boyden farms in Conway (only Boyden still exists as a working dairy). A painting of a ringneck pheasant won the 1996 pheasant/quail stamp shortly before that program was terminated in NJ. A Holstein in a milking stanchion received an award from Allied Artists at the National Arts Club in NYC. His work is shown in museums and galleries and featured in collections worldwide. In 2012 Connors purchased property in the rural hill town of Cummington, MA. You can view more of his work at

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