If you have work that you believe fits with the Terrene vision, follow these guidelines and submit before May 4, 2018:

Prose: 2 pieces maximum, up to 2,500 words per piece. Both fiction and nonfiction are acceptable, but please no research-heavy or politically-focused pieces.

Poetry: 6 pieces maximum, no length limit for pieces.

Visual Art: 8 pieces or images maximum.

A combination of mediums may be submitted, but submission must not exceed 20 pages in total. Work should be submitted in PDF form to the editors at with a brief third-person biography statement. Images should be attached separately and in high-quality jpeg format.

All work submitted for review should be previously unpublished, and simultaneous submissions are allowed (as long as Terrene is informed if your work is accepted elsewhere). The magazine only asks for first serial rights to publish, and all rights revert to the author/artist upon publication.

Response time is typically one month.